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Eddie Jones brings in brain experts to help 'slow learners' England

Eddie Jones says his England rugby players are slow learners and he has brought in an expert in brain research to find out why.Vincent Walsh is Britain's leading specialist in this area, working as a professor of human brain research at UCL and London Cognition.

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UCL startup uses neuroscience to help businesses and athletes perform better

London Cognition applies artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming to neuroscience to understand how the brain works, increasing our ability to learn and be productive. Cognitive problems contribute to many of society’s toughest challenges.

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Struggling to be productive at work? Take a neuroscientist's advice

Do you ever struggle to get things done? Do you sometimes feel your brain is not as sharp any more? Understanding how the brain works can unlock its potential. Reduce stress, stop multitasking and break jobs into small steps, says Dr Gabija Toleikyte

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What can we learn from the unconquerable minds of motorsport?

It has been my dream, my one thing to become Formula One World Champion. Through the hard work, the pain, the sacrifices; this has been my target. And now I have made it. I have climbed my mountain. I am on the peak.

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